Running HTTP requests right inside your editor

I promise I'm not getting paid by JetBrains

Joel Clermont
Joel Clermont

This is the second tip this week that's specific to PHPStorm, but it was too useful not to share.

Maybe you're like me, and you've been using one of the popular HTTP testing clients that has slowly gathered more and more features over the years, to the point where it became unusable.

Or maybe your favorite tool just forced you to create an account to log in, and all your data is now one step away from being locked behind yet another subscription.

Did you know that PHPStorm already has a really nice HTTP client built in? And that the definitions of your requests are stored in a plain-text file, so you can easily commit them to your repo?

There's a nice demo and description of the feature in the docs, so if you're a PHPStorm user, check it out.

As a bonus, it even imports request collections from other popular tools, making the switch even easier.

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P.S. I am open to some sponsorship cash if you work at JetBrains and want to support these tips. 😂

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