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Joel Clermont
Joel Clermont

It's no secret, I really like PhpStorm. (Side note, still waiting for some awesome sponsorship money for JetBrains 😄️). And I've talked about the Local History feature before, but today I want to share another cool detail I haven't talked about.

As a quick recap, Local History automatically keeps track of all local changes, even things not yet committed by version control.

Last week, I attended a talk by Jason McCreary at php tek, where he did a live demo of how to practice TDD. Watching the talk reminded me of another nice feature of Local History. It not only shows file changes, but also the outcome of test runs right in the same context. It's especially helpful in the TDD flow.

Here's what it looks like:

Test status in PHPStorm Local History

And even if you don't practice strict TDD (I certainly don't), it's still a very useful feature when writing tests for a new feature.

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P.S. Do you feel confident that you know which tests to write for your Laravel app? How much is too much? I'm working on a course that addresses this exact topic. If you're interested, hit reply and let me know.

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