Using Cloudflare to set up simple email forwarding

And it doesn't cost anything

Joel Clermont
Joel Clermont

I am a huge fan of Cloudflare. I add it to every project for DNS and security, but it does so much more, and the feature set keeps growing.

Today I want to highlight one of those additional features that you might not have used yet: email routing.

I try to avoid adding more mailboxes to my life. And it's not just about cost, but it's also the mental overhead of adding it to your mail client and keeping track of it all.

Here is where Cloudflare can help. When I'm buying a new domain for some product idea, I can use email routing to just funnel some or all mail on that domain to one of my existing mailboxes.

It's simple to set up, doesn't cost anything, and Cloudflare has privacy baked in to the service. They aren't storing, scanning, or monetizing your email content.

Aaron brought this to my attention, and recently wrote up a nice step-by-step guide on his blog, so I won't repeat it here. Go check it out if this sounds useful to you.

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