What is the difference between localhost and

And when does it matter?

Joel Clermont
Joel Clermont

Often, we view localhost and as interchangeable ways of referring to the local machine, but today I want to highlight a time when there's an important distinction between them.

When connecting to a MySQL service, if you specify the host as localhost it will attempt to connect via a Unix socket, something like /tmp/mysql.sock.

But if you specify, it instead uses TCP/IP to connect locally using port 3306 (or whatever you have configured).

When does this matter? Let's say you spin up a MySQL server in Docker. It could be for local development or for running a CI pipeline.

In this case, the MySQL socket is not exposed to the host machine, so a connection to localhost will fail. A connection to will work though, assuming your exposing the right port in the Docker configuration.

I like to just keep things consistent, and always use the explicit address.

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