Secure Coding Laravel Video Course

How do you really know your Laravel app is secure? Education is key. But, documentation can be boring, and security analyzers have a high learning curve.

That’s why Aaron built the Secure Coding in Laravel video course and published it on the Infosec Institute Skills learning platform.

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The Infosec Institute Skills platform is a subscription service where you can get this course and many others for a single monthly or yearly fee.

What do I get with this video course?

Laravel is pretty secure out of the box using its default configuration. But, how many of our apps are just plain and simple CRUD with no customizations? That’s why in this video course you’ll get…

Over 4.5 hours of course content - with no filler

Most of us hate to have to play our videos at 1.5x speed to not get bored. Almost feels like you’ve been cheated. Not with this course. Aaron keeps a fast pace while presenting lots of information and detail. (hey - it’s totally fine to pause a video…)

The chance to practice what you’ve learned

This course comes with a final project that helps you practice implementing everything you’ve just learned. Don’t worry, though, you’re not left high and dry. There are instructions and hints for the solution. In fact, all of the final project is tested with unit tests so you know you’ve done it right.

A wide range of security topics

These are just some of the things we’ll be covering:

  • Protecting Secrets / Reducing Information Leakage
  • Validation
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Database and Eloquent Security
  • Rate Limiting
  • CSRF, XSS and Header Security
  • Security Scanning Tools
  • Honey pots and Tripwires

And access to 1,200+ other courses, cyber ranges and labs

Aaron has partnered with Infosec Institute to release this on their Skills platform. With your subscription, you get access to other courses for different languages, certification prep courses, and labs to practice your ethical hacking skills. It’s a bargain just to get the Secure Coding in Laravel course, but you don’t have to stop there!

Let’s get learning

This is how it works:

  1. Go to the Infosec Institute Skills page
  2. Sign up using the SARAY50 coupon to save 50% on any subscription
  3. Search out the Secure Coding in Laravel course and start learning
Get it at Infosec Institute use code SARAY50 to save 50%

If you get a yearly subscription, you’ll save $149 on your first invoice. For a monthly subscription, you’ll only save $17.

I've got questions

You wouldn’t be a star programmer if you didn’t!

What if I have questions about the content of the course?

We'd love to answer any of your questions. You can email us at [email protected]

Who do I contact for technical or billing support?

The fine folks at the Infosec Institute are responsible for billing and supporting the fulfillment of my course. You can contact them directly.

Why did you host your course with Infosec Institute?

For two reasons, honestly. First, they came to Aaron at the right time when he had the strongest desire to start making Laravel security content. But second, and more importantly, he really loved the idea you could get access to his content along side of other things like Security+ training and CISSP courses.

How does the discount work?

It's easy. You enter SARAY50 when you sign up and you save 50% of your first invoice. If you're subscribing yearly, which we recommend so you have enough time to watch this course and discover others, you'll save $149 on the first year. If you only subscribe monthly, you save $17 on the first month. In full disclosure, Aaron also get some compensation for you using his coupon code.

I'm still not convinced I need this video course...

We get it - we do! Laravel is pretty secure out of the box - and you're busy making new things. This almost seems boring and not necessary. But trust me, that's not the case. We could write a bunch more here to try to convince you - but that probably wouldn't help. We would love to hear from you, though, if you have any unique reasons for not wanting to learn more about securing your Laravel app.

I’m ready - let’s go!

Good. Let’s learn how to secure your Laravel app.

Get it at Infosec Institute use code SARAY50 to save 50%