Read the docs for that package

It doesn't even take that long

Joel Clermont
Joel Clermont

We've talked about the importance of reading documentation on our podcast before, but I wanted to share a quick story with you.

When I join a project, I like to read the docs for any packages I haven't used before.

This particular project was using the spatie/laravel-multitenancy package. So of course, I head to the docs and read up.

Even better, this package linked to a Laracon talk and a video demo that gave some important philosophical context why the package was designed this particular way.

It took me less than 2 hours, and that included watching the 45 minute Laracon talk.

But now, as I looked through the application code, I could see how the team was using it, and noticing some ways it could be used more efficiently.

If I had just jumped into the code, I wouldn't have known enough to make the positive suggestions, and I probably would have just copied the patterns already established.

You don't necessarily need to go full Aaron Francis, but definitely block a little time to give them a read.

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