An easy way to merge long-running branches in GitHub

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Joel Clermont
Joel Clermont

I started the week sharing an awesome tip from Aaron's blog, and I'm going to finish the week the same way.

We generally have two long-running branches in our projects: develop which gets deployed to a staging environment, and main which gets deployed to production.

The flow is that pull requests are always merged into develop and then we later merge develop to main when we're ready to release to the world.

This is very awkward to do with the normal pull request process, so I'd typically pull it down to my machine, do a simple merge to main then push.

But Aaron has found and documented a better way using a relatively simple GitHub Action and he explains it step by step. Such a smart guy!

Here to help,


P.S. Since I'm hyping Aaron so much already, check out his Securing Laravel course.

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